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3 proof Francis Ngannou was robbed against Tyson Fury

3 proof Francis Ngannou was robbed against Tyson Fury

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou was claimed to be visibly robbed in his boxing match against heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury.

British boxer and reigning world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury took on boxing first timer, Francis Ngannou in a special heavyweight match fought in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

Despite Fury’s experience, he was held to the completion of all ten rounds and was shockingly named the winner in a split decision by the judges.

The outcome of the fight has received a wild thumbs down from fans around the world who watched the anticipated fight from start to finish.

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3 proofs Francis Ngannou was robbed

1. Round 3 knockout

Despite starting the fight on a fast note, Tyson Fury was held to a round table fist until the third round.

Francis Ngannou had a tactical dodge from Fury’s right hand before landing a heavy left hand on Fury’s head, leaving the heavyweight champion knocked out to the ground.

2. Round 8 dominance

With the awareness of his chances of loosing, Fury came into the 8 round with lots of charisma, ready to devour Ngannou but saw a quick turnaround of things.

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Francis Ngannou had Fury on the ring side feasting him with punches. The Cameroonian landed strong hands on the head of Fury, while fans screams in disbelief.

3. Fury’s elbow blow

Tyson Fury broke a boxing rule after landing an elbow straight on the face of Francis Ngannou in what seemed to be overlooked by the judges.

Outrightly, points were supposed to be deducted from Fury for breaking the rule. He however still managed to win the fight.


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