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5 Players with the most completed dribbles in football history

5 Players with the most completed dribbles in football history

Football is and has been blessed with a skillful players who dribbles at ease. Dribbling can simply be described as the part of football that makes it beautiful.

A lot of players are blessed with this special talents and have impacted it greatly in football.

Here are the players with the most completed dribbles in history;

5. Sergio Aguero – 901

Sergio Aguero would pass as one of the most skillful striker in history. Despite not showing too many special skills, Aguero was able to take-on defenders and dribble past them at ease. He completed 901 dribbles before his early retirement due to heart ailment.

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4. Neymar – 909

Neymar could pass as the most skillful player in present-day football. The Brazilian has no fear in taking on players one-on-one and making sure to dribble past them. Announcing himself from Santos FC in Brazil, Neymar has taken his dribbles across to Europe with Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. Neymar has completed 894 dribbles.

3. Franck Ribery – 939

Bayern Munich legend, Franck Ribery stands as one of the most skillful winger in history. He posses the ability of getting past the middle of two players. Till date, he has completed the most take-ons in the German Bundesliga. Ribery completed 939 dribbles before retiring.

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2. Eden Hazard – 1520

Eden Hazard is a natural dribbler who mastered and executed the act of dribbling from a very young age. He holds the record of the most completed dribble in the Premier League. From Lille, Chelsea and Real Madrid, Hazard has completed 1520 dribbles.

1. Lionel Messi – 3021

Lionel Messi is arguably the most consistence and effective dribbler in football. He possess the ability to tear up a deadlocked match with a few touches and can dribble past a whole team. Messi has completed 3021 dribbles in his career.

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