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Barcelona worse now than with Bartomeu – Jaume Llopis

Barcelona worse now than with Bartomeu – Jaume Llopis

Barcelona Senator, Jaume Llopis has claimed that Barcelona is in a worse state than when Josep Maria Bartomeu was the President of the club.

Fresh charges of bribery has been labeled against Joan Laporte who became the club President for the second time in 2021. Joan Laporta first became president of Barcelona from 2003 to 2010, same period the Bribery was pointed to.

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Barcelona gathered severe debts under Bartomeu that saw the club got bankrupt and unable to pay players. Since the declaring bankruptcy, Barca lost some of its key players and have some reduced their drastically before they could be accommodated.

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While a ride back to hope is thought to be in place, Jaume Llopis has revealed otherwise. The senator revealed Barcelona are digging a bigger grave under the Presidency of Joan Laporta as things are getting a lot worse.

Jaume Llopis gave no reason for his statement but stood firm on it.


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