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Another round! Brazilian magazine paid Dani Alves’ bail in exchange for an interview

Reports today have confirmed that a Brazilian magazine paid Dani Alves bail money in exchange for an interview.

The magazine are said to major on documenting the affairs of important people within and outside Brazil.

Brazilian magazine paid Dani Alves bail money

This report is confirmed by Spanish journalist Marisa Martín Blazquez who was doing an exclusive on “Fiesta”.

This information now seems to have put the rumors to bed on who Dani Alves’ bail benefactor is.

Dani Alves released from prison

Dani Alves paid the stipulated €1 million bail money and was released on temporary basis last week.

The Brazilian spent his first night after being released from prison partying. The party took place at his €4.5m Villa in Esplugues de Llobregat, and lasted till 5AM the following morning.

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Initial struggle to raise bail money

Dani Alves requested to be released on bail earlier in the month. His request was granted after a successful hearing and the bail was set.

Alves struggled to raise the bail money despite all the wealth he acquired from football in a spectacularly successful career.

Reports suggested he turned to friend and former Barcelona teammate Neymar for help. Several media outlets also announced that Neymar had successfully paid the bail money, but his father has since moved to debunk the rumor.

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Neymar Sr went further to distance themselves from the rumor, asserting that Alves is now in a “different situation”.

The story took a new turn, claiming that Memphis Depay is the one who paid for Dani Alves release. Depay’s agent quickly branded the rumors as fake, distancing his client from the situation.

Now, it has been confirmed that a Brazilian magazine paid Dani Alves bail money in exchange for an interview.

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