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Cause of fight between Mamadou Sakho and manager Der Zakarian

Cause of fight between Mamadou Sakho and manager Der Zakarian

The cause of the fight between Montpellier coach, Michel Der Zakarian and Mamadou Sakho has been revealed. The fight kicked off after a sour conversation between them.

Coach and player had to be seperated after the altercation between them went physical, creating a tense atmosphere.

Cause of the fight

A push of blames between Der Zakarian and Mamadou Sakho stirred up the tensed situation that eventually led to a fight. It spiked from a conversation that started on the training ground.

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The heated conversation went on in the team’s dressing room where the show of physicality took place.

Der Zakarian called Sakho a “cry baby.” It triggered the former Liverpool player who grabbed Der Zakarian by his neck and threw him on the floor.

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Club reaction

Management of Montpellier have since thrown their weight on the situation that is likely to dent the reputation of the club.

Series of investigations are being carried out while Mamadou Sakho has been suspended. He will be invited for interrogation in a few days. His suspension is based primarily on physically assaulting his coach.

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