Fans questions Kompany’s induction into PL Hall of Fame and John Terry left out

Fans questions Kompany’s induction into PL Hall of Fame and John Terry left out

Vincent Kompany is one of the eight players to be inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame this year. His inclusion, coupled with the omission of the likes of John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and Tony Adams, has left fans scratching their heads.

Chimam: “Well, it is called HALL OF FAME, after all. It’s for the popular faces. Because truly, I don’t see how Vincent Kompany is getting there ahead of Nemanja Vidic, John Terry or Tony Adams.”

Scotty: “I agree with everyone except Kompany.. No way he should be here before Rio, Vidic , Terry..”

UnitedRed: “They’re handing this out like confetti at a wedding, I’m half expecting to turn on twitter and see I’ve been drafted in myself”

DavidSean: “The Premier league Hall of Fame is shite ,No way Aguero Drogba and Kompany gets into that list before John Terry”

SamRey: “Kompany just doesn’t make sense to me yeah he was a great defender but half the time he was out injured I dont think it’s the right call for him to be there Same with Ian Wright as he only played in the premier League for two years? Most of his days were in the old first division”

Garo: “How the fuck is JT not in that’s absolute rubbish by far the greatest defender in PL history”

The Hall of Fame follows a system of 2 players being inducted by the Premier League with the other 6 being voted for by the fans. This meant that John Terry was nominated in the but was not voted to be inducted by the fans.

This has left many fans to scrutinise the selection process, calling it a ‘popularity contest’ rather than actual merit based inclusion.



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