How Manchester City rejected Rashford for being too small

How Manchester City rejected Rashford for being too small

Manchester United winger, Rashford was touted to Manchester City as a kid, but their recruitment officer rejected him for being too small.

Ross Jamieson, who was the secretary at Fletcher Moss Rangers says,

“His(Rashford’s) brother Dwayne was with him when he came to us. He was touting him to Manchester City at the time, but the recruitment officer there did not fancy him because he was a bit on the small side and didn’t pick him up.”

“We took him to the [Champion of Champions] tournament and all the scouts were there. Everton were very keen and Manchester United. It was advantageous for us to push him towards United, so he went there and the rest is history.”

Rashford is currently experiencing a rough patch in form though, an effect of the injury he suffered at the tail end of last season. He has been an outstanding player for Manchester United in his young football career and he would get over this, obviously.

Rashford has just five goals and two assists this season and he missed out on the last English national team squad during the international break. If things don’t change, Rashford may eventually miss out on England’s squad to the World Cup in Qatar this year.



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