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How to defend against Ronaldo and Messi – Giorgio Chiellini

How to defend against Ronaldo and Messi – Giorgio Chiellini

Juventus captain, Giorgio Chiellini has given a little tutor on how to defend against Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Chiellini has played against both players in the Champions League and had also play with Cristiano Ronaldo as a teammate during the Portuguese three years stint at Juventus.

Having experience defending against them, the Italian decides to give a tell on how the duo who are regarded as the best in the world can be stopped.

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On Ronaldo, Chiellini said giving the Portuguese a close man-to-man marking would leave him with no options. He shouldn’t be given any space to explore and on Messi, the Italian said you just have to pray as pinpointing a particular thing to stop the Argentine is quite impossible.

“How to defend against Ronaldo? Don’t give him space. How to defend against Messi? Just pray.”

Ronaldo has scored 9 goals playing against Giorgio Chiellini and Lionel Messi is yet to register a single goal against the Italian.

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