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Is Foden Key to England Winning Euro 2024?

Is Foden Key to England Winning Euro 2024?

Euro 2024 is just around the corner, set to begin on June 14. As the tournament closes in, many teams are dreaming of lifting the coveted trophy and England is one of those teams whose hopes of winning are higher than ever.

A reason for this hope can be their exceptional team of stars, one of whom is Phil Foden, a stand-out player who has the potential to lead them to glory, with his exceptional talent and versatility. Let us see how Foden could be the key to England’s success at Euro 2024.

Phil Foden’s Rise to the Stars

The rise of Phil Foden has been meteoric ever since his impressive performance at the age of 17, in a 2017 UEFA Champions League match for Manchester City against Feyenoord.

Under the mentorship of Pep Guardiola, Foden has polished his key skills like dribbling and vision, emerging as one of the most talented young midfielders in the world. In recent years, Foden has become an important part of Manchester City’s success due to his ability to score crucial goals. In fact, his amazing club-level performances have helped him earn a regular spot in the England national team.

Foden’s Versatility and Skill Set

One of Foden’s greatest assets, which makes him valuable for England, is his versatility as he can play in various positions across the midfield and forward line. Foden’s football intelligence and technical skills allow him to seamlessly adapt to different roles, whether he’s deployed as a winger, an attacking midfielder, or even a false nine. He can create scoring opportunities under different circumstances and also has a knack for finding the back of the net, which makes him a constant threat to opponents. Considering England to win EURO 2024 odds, fans are relying on Foden’s incredible gameplay to enhance the team’s winning chances.

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Some of Foden’s particularly noteworthy qualities are his passing ability and his vision. He has often made incisive passes that break down defences, which shows his great understanding of the game. This skill will especially help England when it has to face teams that sit deep and defend in numbers. Additionally, his dribbling ability allows him to tackle defenders and create space for his teammates, further boosting England’s attacking options.

Impact on England’s Tactics

England manager Gareth Southgate has a pool of attacking talent at his disposal and Foden’s added skill set could unlock England’s full potential. He can facilitate England’s attacking transitions with his ability to operate between the lines and link up play. With Foden in its lineup, England can take a more dynamic approach, which can make them tougher to defend against.

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Foden’s skills also enable the other attacking players to thrive. His movement and creativity can draw defenders out of position, creating space for the likes of Bukayo Saka, Raheem Sterling, and Harry Kane to exploit. This interplay between Foden and his teammates can create more goal-scoring opportunities and increase England’s chances of success.


As England eyes the prestigious trophy of Euro 2024, players like Phil Foden with their extraordinary talent and versatility become crucial to turn this hope into reality. Foden’s technical skills, vision, game intelligence, and ability to adapt to different roles on the pitch offer a unique competitive edge to England. Garen Southgate can utilise Foden’s abilities to implement a more fluid tactical approach to amplify England’s attacking prowess.

Phil Foden’s influence and impact on England’s overall performance can prove to be a decisive factor in their quest for glory. As the glorified tournament approaches, all eyes will be on Foden’s outstanding gameplay, leading people to wonder whether his contribution can lead England to their first European Championship title.

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