Jose Mourinho reveals Anthony Martial flirted with his daughter

Jose Mourinho reveals Anthony Martial flirted with his daughter

AS Roma head coach, Jose Mourinho has revealed at his time at Manchester United, his player, Anthony Martial flirted with his daughter.

The Portuguese revealed he found out Martial sends uncensored photos to his daughter. After getting knowledge of what is transpiring between the Manchester United player and his daughter, he immediately told Martials mother about it, and together it was settled.

“When I was in Manchester, Anthony Martial sent weird pictures to my daughter, I told his mother about it and it was settled.”

Just as Pep Guardiola had promise to send Spurs Dele Alli a medal if his Manchester City team wins the Champions League (unfortunately, they failed to win). The Spanish coach had found out the English player has been going out on dates and flirting with his daughter.

“I lied to my players I won’t celebrate, but I was running like a child” – Jose Mourinho on winning his 1000th match

Martial and Mourinho did not have a good to go relationship when the tactician was at Manchester. Mourinho had even fined the French man for staying at the laboratory and missing a training session when his girlfriend was giving birth to their child.

According to The Times, Mourinho was unimpressed by Martial’s mental approach to games and had considered replacing him with Ivan Perisic, labelling him as ‘mentally weak’, which made it difficult for him to recover from disappointments, and claiming that the 23-year-old sulked too much during games.



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