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Where does Jurgen Klopp rank among Liverpool’s greatest managers?

Where does Jurgen Klopp rank among Liverpool’s greatest managers?

As Arne Slot prepares to take over at Liverpool, fans will be wondering if he can emulate one of the five greatest managers in Liverpool history, or if he will be another Erik Ten Haag at United.

It’s easy to see why comparisons will be drawn considering both, Dutchmen, are coming from Eredivisie.

He will however need to look up if he wants to emulate any manager. From Houllier’s revolutionism, or Kenny Daglish’s  Love or Klopp’s pump and power.

With the help of The Athletic, let’s look at the five greatest managers in Liverpool history.

5. Gerard Houllier (1998-2004)

Gerard Houllier delivered Liverpool’s first European trophy of any kind in 2001 when he led them to the UEFA Cup title.

He actually led them to three cups wins that year 2001 re-establishing Liverpool as a winning club.

He improved Liverpool’s record against the biggest sides and helped them repent from being nearly men.

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4. Jurgen Klopp (2015-2024)

the five greatest managers in Liverpool history

Jurgen Klopp unlocked Liverpool’s potential as a global superpower after near misses in the hands of other managers.

The German brought his knack of reinvigorating fan bases to Anfield, turning it into a cauldron. This coupled with a style of that left opponents flattened threatened to bring him significant success.

He delivered, maybe not as much as he is being heralded for, many trophies. Klopp could have won more if his era didn’t coincided with a certain Spaniard’s at Manchester City.

He departs however, leaving Liverpool in a healthy position, great team, believing fan base and hope.

3. Bob Paisley (1974-1983)

the five greatest managers in Liverpool history

Bob Paisley won more trophies than any Liverpool manager in history and is the club’s manager with the biggest trophy cabinet.

He practically had the league and Europe on chokehold, winning six first division titles as well as three European Cups.

2. Kenny Dalglish (1985-1991, 2011-2012)

Dalglish is arguably the most loved manager in Liverpool history as his connection with Merseyside runs the deepest.

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His Liverpool appointment and tenure was mired by disasters that define how the club and city is viewed to this day.

With no managerial experience, Dalglish built an exciting football team. His attitude to fans after the Hillsborough tragedy has him loved by fans. So much they named a stand after him and he still lives in the north west region, playing an active role in community initiatives with his wife, Marina.

1. Bill Shankly (1959-1974)

the five greatest managers in Liverpool history

Bill shankly is the father of modern Liverpool as we know it.

He transformed the club from a struggling second division side to the FA Cup winners and first division side in six years.

By the time he left the club, Shankly already won three league titles, two FA Cups and a UEFA Cup.

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