Kevin De Bruyne reveals who made him a better player

Kevin De Bruyne reveals who made him a better player

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has revealed if Pep Guardiola has made him a better.

When that question was put to the talented Belgian ahead of a Champions League semi-final second-leg clash with Real Madrid, De Bruyne said:

“It’s hard to tell. Maybe yes, maybe no.

“Obviously he has helped me to progress in various ways but it’s hard to say I would or would not be like this with other managers.

“He has done amazing things with me and the team to get success but the players work very hard to achieve that – if you don’t want to listen or work hard you won’t get better.

“It is a combination of everything. I’m lucky to come across a manager who plays the way I like to play and that makes it more handy for me.”

Quizzed on whether he feels like the best version of himself, De Bruyne added: “You guys can tell me.

“The first months of the season were really hard, I have never experienced the pain that I had back then. I was trying to come back but was in pain with my ankle every day and it wasn’t something I enjoyed.

“Mentally it was hard to overcome that but once the pain was gone after a couple of months I started to feel more confident in myself and my body to get back to where I belong and now playing all these games week in, week out, I feel back to the level that I was before.

“I don’t know if there is much difference from before, I just try to be as constant as I can and I think I have managed myself very well.”



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