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Kings League – Gerard Pique 7-a-side football league

Kings League – Gerard Pique 7-a-side football league

The Kings League is created by retired football and former player of Barcelona, Gerard Pique. The football league is a 12-a-team and 7-a-side competition.

Presidents of each team competing in the Kings League are drawn from the football world, with former players, streamers, and social influencers. 

How teams are chosen

Each team is made up of a 12-man squad. The first 10 players are picked by the draft and the 11th and 12th are termed ringers. The 12th players are mostly former professional players and in a few cases, current professionals.

Per the league’s regulations, the 11th player must be the same all season and cannot be changed, while the 12th keeps changing.

How kickoffs are done

The two competing teams in the Kings League line up across the goal line of their goalpost and race to the ball in the middle of the pitch when the buzzer sounds for kickoff. Any player from the teams that get to the ball first, starts the play.

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Note that there are also offsides in the King’s League.

How many substitutions can be done

Unlimited substitutions can be done in Kings League. The entire 7 starters of a match can be changed.

Are their yellow and red cards?

Yellow and red cards are given to players that are violent on the pitch. A player will stay out of the pitch for two minutes if shown the yellow card and 5 minutes if shown the red card. They will both return to play after staying out for those time frames.

How are penalties taken?

When games end in a draw, players start in the middle of the pitch and have five seconds to score a penalty.

Another rule allows managers to choose from five cards, including one that indicates an instant penalty, robs a card, removes an opponent for two minutes, doubles the value of any goal scored in the following minute, and a joker card. Coaches are free to utilize any of the aforementioned cards with the joker card. It should be noted that a coach has no control over the card they select because the decision is made at random.

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 Some of the known players who have participated in Kings league includes Javier Hernandez (Chicharito), Carles Planas,  Joan Capdevila, Joan Verdu and Alberto Bueno.

Sergio Aguero and Iker Casillas are clubs President.

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