Ten most aggressive footballers ever

Ten most aggressive footballers ever

Some footballers doesn’t hide their aggression when on the pitch, causing other players to scare away when playing against them.

This set of players often inflict injuries on their opponents and causes controversies at any slightest opportunities.

Here’s is a list of the 10 most aggressive footballers to ever kick the ball.

1) Sergio Ramos

The PSG defender is one of the most aggressive player, he’s the most red carded footballer in history.

2) Diego Costa

The former Chelsea and Atletico Madrid striker is known for shouting and charging at opponents and referees when he is unhappy over a challenge or a decision.

3) Gennaro Gattuso

The former AC Milan midfielder is known for his no-nonsense attitude on the pitch and once attacked Tottenham Hotspur assistant manager Joe Jordan.

4) Oliver Kahn

The former Bayern Munich goalkeeper was really aggressive on the pitch and often charged at opponents and even teammates.

5) Luis Suarez

The Atletico Madrid striker has been penalized several times for attacking opponents on the pitch. Mostly using his tooth on them.

6) Patrick Vieira

During his time as Arsenal midfielder, Patrick Vieira was known for being physical especially when they played against Manchester United.

7) Roy Keane

Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane was known for his no-nonsense attitude and his rivalry with Patrick Vieira on the pitch is an iconic one.

8) Pepe

Pepe had a reputation of causing a fight whenever he gets pissed off by an opposing attacker. He was sent out on several occasions.

9) Antonio Rudiger

The Chelsea defender has a high fighting spirit and he’s always looking at inflicting injuries on players who are key and would be a threat to his team.

10) Ruben Dias

Dias is simply a no nonsense defender. He also shouts at his teammates who seems not to be on track on the cause of play. He once dragged his teammate by the head.



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