Neymar’s relationship with PSG reporter, Laure Boulleau

Neymar’s relationship with PSG reporter, Laure Boulleau

Paris Saint Germain player, Neymar has been on the media lips regarding his relationship with reporter Laure Boulleau.

The two sport personalities alway shares memorable time whenever they come across each other. Talking, playing and even holding hands, these has triggered both the media and eager fans to question the relationship both shares.

Boulleau a former footballer turned reporter and Neymar are just friends who aligns easily whenever they connect as both of them has written off talks suggesting they are in a romantic relationship.

According to Futball news, the two are close friends, but nothing more than that. The speculation started because of the close bond Boulleau and Neymar share, with both of them being incredibly appreciative of the other. However, that’s all there is to talk about.

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Boulleau is PSG’s ambassador and a consultant for the French football show, Canal football club. As a result, she routinely works closely with Neymar for all Paris Saint Germain games.

Boulleau talks about the immense pressure the Brazilian is under

“Without wanting to find excuses for him, the pressure is monstrous and his character and his communication almost add problems to him. For example, he had to justify himself for his pounds taken during the holidays,” she said on Canal+.

Boulleau also suggested that Neymar should step away from the criticism levied towards him and he shouldn’t feel the need to respond to it all. According to the former PSG and French women’s international football teams defender, Neymar is wasting his time and energy with the small talk.



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