Paul Pogba complained Manchester United £300k-a-week offer were to small

Paul Pogba complained Manchester United £300k-a-week offer were to small

In a mini-documentary released on Friday, Paul Pogba was seen complaining about the deal worth £300,000-a-week made to him by Manchester United, calling it small.

The short clip revealed Manchester United offered Paul Pogba £290,000-a-week deal twice, a fee that saw him as one of the highest paid players in world football.

Pogba described the proposal offered by Manchester United as “nothing” when it was shown to him by his late agent, Mino Raiola. The interaction between player and agent took place in his Rolls Royce.

A clearly upset Pogba said:

‘How can you tell a player you absolutely want him and offer him nothing?’ he says, clearly affronted. ‘Never seen that.’

Ole Gunner Solskjaer, then the manager of Manchester United had to make a promise of building the team around Paul Pogba is order for the French world cup winner to sign a contract.

The club made multiple attempts to keep him at Old Trafford but long since resigned themselves to the idea of him leaving. Pogba will depart when his contract expires this summer and is set to rejoin his former club Juventus.



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