Romelu Lukaku breaks Chelsea record under Thomas Tuchel

Romelu Lukaku breaks Chelsea record under Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea new striker, Romelu Lukaku has broken a new record under coach Thomas Tuchel after he scored two goals against Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge.

Lukaku returned to Chelsea after leaving 9 years ago and has become the first Chelsea player to score two goals at Chelsea stadium “Stamford Bridge”, since German manager, Thomas Tuchel became the manager of the club.

Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku / Getty Images

Tuchel took over as Chelsea coach mid 2020/2021 season to replace Frank Lampard and since becoming the manager of the club no player has ever scored twice at the bridge. Tuchel had a spectacular season at Chelsea winning the Champions League in his first six months.

Lukaku scored a brace at the bridge against Aston Villa as Chelsea won with a three goal difference, scoring in both halves of the match. His brace made him the first ever Chelsea player to score twice in a match played at the bridge under the managerial duties of Thomas Tuchel.

Chelsea will face Zenith Saint Petersburg at the bridge on 14th September 2021.



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