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Russia must play at 2022 World Cup – Vladimir Putin vows

Russia must play at 2022 World Cup – Vladimir Putin vows

Russia President, Vladimir Putin has vowed his country, Russia must play at the coming 2022 World Cup.

Russia has faced lots of backlash from football governing bodies after they launched an attack on Ukraine following the neighboring country association with NATO.

UEFA withdrew UEFA Champions League final supposed to be played at Russia and moved it to Paris France after the heated incident. Russian clubs in European competitions were disqualified automatically from the competitions.

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Clubs has called off their engagements with Russian companies due to the ugly incident which has claimed life of two Ukrainian footballers and Shakhtar Donetsk youth team coach.

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With the treatments Russia is receiving from the football world, President Vladimir Putin has vowed his country must surely partake in the coming 2022 World Cup scheduled to kickstart by November, else their would be no World Cup to watch.


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