To achieve his football dreams; Moise Kean lied to his mom

To achieve his football dreams; Moise Kean lied to his mom

Juventus striker, Moise Kean has revealed how he had to lie to his mother in order to actualize his dream of becoming a footballer by profession.

Being a football is a common dream by most young male kids growing up, though most times they are faced with challenges of parents not wanting them to pursue their dreams. Parents craves for their kids growing to become doctors, lawyers and having white collar jobs.a

Moise Kean was one of those kids who’s parent were passionate about education and his mom wanted him to go to school at all cost. He chooses his on path an surprised his mom with a call up to go with him to Turin after he made his professional debut.

“My mother wanted me to go to school, I did not agree very much. The school and I were not the best of friends. For a year my mother thought I was going to school, but I no longer went. Professional players trained for mornings. My mother would call me and I would say: “If you don’t worry, everything is fine.” After that I had to make my debut with the professionals and she saw me on TV, I couldn’t believe it. At the end of the game I called her and I said: ‘Mom, I haven’t been to school for a year. Stop working and come live with me in Turin.'”



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