Zlatan Ibrahimovic drags Memphis Depay over his lion tattoo

Zlatan Ibrahimovic drags Memphis Depay over his lion tattoo

AC Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has called out Barcelona forward, Memphis Depay over the lion painted tattoo on his back.

Depay had earlier applauded Ibrahimovic, stating he respects the Swedish and carries him on his back wherever he goes.

“I carry Zlatan on my back everywhere I go”

He gives me the lion spirit to keep going.

At manchester United ‘Pogba and Zlatan asked me: “Why don’t you ever play?”‘:

Because of that i was forced to leave Man United after Zlatan and other team-mates questioned why I don’t play.

‘I’ve thought a lot about why it went wrong. The first season I had to adapt and it didn’t go well compared to my time at PSV.

‘I lost a bit of confidence and I lost the confidence of [Louis] Van Gaal and his staff.

‘It was hard for me. The following season I felt like I had more experience, but they changed the coach.

‘Jose Mourinho came and I fought to get into the team but I think the idea of giving me a chance was never in his head. He never gave me an opportunity. Never.

‘I went to his office but it changed nothing. It was a very difficult period, I felt that I was training well and the players themselves did not understand it.

Replying to Memphis acknowledgement, Ibrahimovic accuse the Dutchman of blasphemy, saying a hyena can’t carry a lion on his back and he should erase the tattoo.

“I’ve long told Memphis Depay to erase off his tattoo because that’s blasphemy! He is provoking me! There is only 1 lion in this world, Depay is a human and lions aren’t related to humans. He could have drawn a duiker or a hippo, Maybe i should visit him personally and erase it. The sooner young Depay removes that thing on his back the better. Because it’s to heavy for him to carry, hence he never makes it in big Clubs and tournaments. A hyena can’t carry a Lion, because it will be slower and unsuccessful”



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