Zlatan Ibrahimovic troll Neymar

Zlatan Ibrahimovic troll Neymar

AC Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has spoken about PSG star, Neymar. Trolling the Brazilian with a play of scenario.

A long troll that seem like the duo has an outstanding issues they are yet to fix. Read troll below;

” He reminds me of my Long distance relationship with a woman i had when I was young . She used to talk too much of bullock while she was on long distance, but when She was in front of a Giant that is called Zlatan She apologized even before i opened my mouth. This is exactly what little Neymar is doing. I can lock him in my room, he will lose. I can also lock him in his Arena, still he will lose. I don’t play for records, i play for legacy, only Brazilians who play for Records. And Yeah, no one will ever break Neymar’s Record of losing on homeland 1-7 to Germany. No one will ever break his record of crying Tears in Russia when he was not scoring, and the kid finally scored a Ladies Goal against the out going Costa Rica and He seated down in his Arena and Cried. His record is to play a World Cup just to roll on the floor. His records at PSG is to steal Edison Cavani Penalties, when Cavani refused to give him Penalties, He cried to his PSG top Daddy Boss . Zlatan does it without reporting to the boss,the Boss reports to Zlatan . Zlatan is your master. Zlatan stands tall in the Arena because he is a Footballer not a Rolling Machine. There are no broken Records at PSG,when i look at my Champions League Goals they still stands. The Goals i score at PSG made Paris Eiffel Tower to change colors for Zlatan . But your Ladies Goals will never even come close to mine. Now you want to break Money records at inter and Milan because no football records can be broken by a Lady in Milan except the Money to change your styles”



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