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Zlatan Ibrahimovic trolls Victor Lindelof for trying to defend him

Zlatan Ibrahimovic trolls Victor Lindelof for trying to defend him

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has extended his ongoing rant to fellow countryman, Victor Lindelof who tried to defend him by attacking a player calling him out.

Victor Lindelof earlier blasted Real Madrid’s Marcelo after the Brazilian called called out Ibrahimovic for his verbal attack on Neymar. Marcelo and Pele had involved themselves in the messy verbal contest going on between Ibrahimovic and Neymar, both standing by their fellow Brazilian.

Coming in, Lindelof looked to take side with his fellow Swedish international but Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn’t having any of that and doesn’t see his support. The AC Milan striker trolled Lindelof, saying he can’t defend a god, instead he needs a god to defend him.

“Victor Lindelof Should focus on playing FIFA if after training he becomes bored. You can’t defend the God, the God defends himself and defends you. Never talk on behalf of your God, you don’t know him, but he knows you.”

” You are a good kid Lindelof, but let Zlatan control the Planet by putting his creatures one by one on their place. I need all Brazilian starting lineups to join in on the stand against Zlatan. I started with their grandfather who scored 80% offside Goals in his era.”

” Now everyone is joining in to tackle Zlatan. Zlatan doesn’t get tackled, tackles they get Zlatanized. PELE has disappeared, Neymar and now Afro Boy is inviting himself to the king’s Palace, i haven’t even touched him, but the king servant Lindelof already thrown him on the Ground “

Lindelof is been linked with a move out of Manchester United. The arrival of Varane from Real Madrid has limited his chances of being on the pitch and the Swedish wants to be a regular instead of sitting on the bench.

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