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Is the Newport Menthol Soda Real?

Is the Newport Menthol Soda Real?

Viral images of a Newport Menthol Soda has emerged online causing stir amongst consumers of the cigarette.

Newport Menthol is a leading cigarette brand that has lots of customers and vendors around the globe.

Newport Menthol Cigarette

About 35% of menthol cigarettes sold in the US come from Newport. Since 1993, it has been the most widely available mentholated cigarette brand in the US.

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It is widely accepted because of the claims of reduced health defamation it can cause compared to other cigarette.

Newport Menthol Soda Real or Fake?

The Newport Menthol Soda is fake, we can confirm this. Newport are yet to announce the launch of any new product.

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The images and videos going viral online are either edited or AI generated.

AI generated images are becoming very common in our everyday live with the wide acceptance of Artificial intelligence.

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