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Robot vs Human Ping Pong match Real or Fake

Robot vs Human Ping Pong match Real or Fake

A viral video of a robot playing against a human in a ping pong match has gone viral.

The massive adoption of Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm and with robots being able to play sports with and for humans, it’s frightening.

Concerns about robots taking over the world is being discussed daily all over the world and with the emergence of the viral video of a robot playing ping pong, these fears worsens.

Social media users are alarmed by a video they have watched. A video of a robot defeating a human player in ping pong. The man is soundly defeated by the robot in the video. People are already voicing their concerns about artificial intelligence as a result.

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Is it Real or Fake?

Although these worries are legitimate, the video itself is not. As soon as the video became viral, information underneath it revealed that the robot was actually an overlay of another person. The video has been altered, in other words.

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The video is an older video of a table tennis match that featured renowned table tennis player, Wang Yang.

What is tells

Despite the video being edited and fake, it gives the representation of the future where humans will get their robots to represent them in sports like this.

Robots are already doing jobs of humans across the world.

Watch video below;

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