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Yellow Spring Road Japan – Real or Fake?

Yellow Spring Road Japan – Real or Fake?

On TikTok, videos of a location in Japan known as “Yellow Spring Road” became viral and left everyone in wonder.

Though they resemble something out of a storybook, the gorgeous yellow trees are real and only appear in Japan for a single season.

A popular video called “Places on Earth that don’t feel real” included the Yellow Spring Road and has been repeated multiple times.

The gorgeous video shows a row of gorgeous yellow trees bordering a road, one of which even forms an arch over it.

Subsequently, the TikTok presents more films that appear surreal, such as one in which a woman plunges into vivid blue water and another in which individuals ride on water.

The location of the actual film shoot is unknown, although the golden trees are a common sight throughout Eastern Asia.

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Gingko Trees

Known by the name Gingko trees, they typically grow to a startling 20 to 35 metres in height. Still, a few in China are higher than fifty metres.

The tree features tall, uneven branches and an angular crown. It has strong roots and is impervious to snow and wind damage.

There are some that are over 2,500 years old, and in the autumn, their green leaves change to a vivid yellow hue.

It’s possible that filters have been added to popular TikTok videos of trees to intensify the colour.

Nonetheless, they continue to be a very striking sight, drawing tourists from all over the world throughout November.

Gingko Trees Fruit

From summer to autumn, the Gingko tree also bears brilliant yellow fruits, although these are inedible.

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They have a soft, fleshy, yellow outer covering that is actually pretty attractive to look at, and they are around 2 cm long.

Butyric acid, which they contain, smells like vomit or rotten butter. In actuality, this acid is poisonous to people.

Though the seeds are used to treat numerous diseases, they can be eaten in little amounts from the fruits.

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