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La Liga teams beating EPL teams in Europe berates biggest league status

La Liga teams beating EPL teams in Europe berates biggest league status

Liverpool suffered their biggest defeat in Europe at home to Real Madrid. The game further intensify the argument of Premier League being the biggest league in football but it’s team loses often to La Liga teams.

Liverpool had an early two goal lead in the first half of the round of 16 clash at Anfield. They failed to defend the lead and conceded two goal in same first forty five minutes. Real Madrid had a superb second half, scoring 3 goals, ending the match in a 5-3 win away from home.

Just as Liverpool get stunned to witness their big ever home loss in Europe, the question of the English Premier League being considered as the biggest league in Europe erupts.

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European competitions (UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League) are mostly dominated by teams from La Liga, emerging winners more often than teams from other leagues. Premier League teams wins these competitions occasionally.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have in recent times ruled the Champions League while Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and Villarreal have dominated the Europa League more. These dominance speaks high of the Spanish League and how they‘ve been rated below their pros.

The English Premier League have been and is still rated as the number one football League in Europe and beyond. This rating might be seen as a result of standard the league have proven to have and the most attention it gets from the media. Their staggering form in European competitions are likely under looked.

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These have grown to become a concern to fans who supports club in La Liga with questions to why the Premier League is still rated as the best football league when their clubs are easily beaten by clubs in other league and they are generally dominated in Europe.

Why is the Premier League called the biggest league in football? Let’s hear from you.

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